A downloadable game

Tyran Jaager -- The Tyrant Hunters

7 Day Roguelike 2017 event entry

by Ignotus17

"In the far future, oppressors master sorcery and superscience, dominating all others. When their abuses go beyond atrocity, one hope remains--heroes wielding tech and magic equal to the rulers. They fight tyrants and they can win."


Descend to Level10 then defeat the Tyrant

Unity 5.5.0f3 using ROG Framework v1.51 and Oryx graphics

Press WASD to move or click Mouse1 (LMB) on the map.

Click Mouse2 (RMB) for ranged attack

Press SPACE to use stairs and pick up items.

KNOWN BUGS: climbing up stairs can crash game

KNOWN BUG: colliding projectiles can crash game


"WASD" or Arrow Keys to move, cardinal only

"Space" to pick up items or use stairs

Left mouse button to move, cardinal only -- careful, seeing enemies doesn't stop movement

Right mouse button for ranged attack (ranged projectiles can move diagonally)

*****Be careful when mouse-clicking to explore! Enemies will still attack you while you move.*****

Known bugs:

- Enemy projectiles can crash the game. Especially when you shoot enemy projectiles with your own shot. It doesn't happen all the time... but it still happens.

- Climbing back up stairs can bork the game. Once you go down... keep going. [Stairs up currently disabled]

- Health display doesn't always update after being hit... watch the message box.

Time budgeted: 25 to 40 hours. Time spent: 28 hours.

Not included:

Most features were cut

- No audio, no music or sound effects

- no sprite animations

- Almost all player abilities

- Many enemy abilities

- Choice of player heroes

- Main menu

- No NPCs to liberate on the way

- little set dressing

Install instructions

Download, uncompress, and run TyranJaager.exe


TyranJaager.rar 9 MB